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摘要: 海外游学夏令营介绍在学习英语的过程中提高阅读能力的小方法。 1.ake it slow。放慢速度   Many readers feel that they read too slowly, especially compared with others, but the truth is tha


        1.ake it slow。放慢速度

  Many readers feel that they read too slowly, especially compared with others, but the truth is that the faster you read, the less likely you are to comprehend fully what you’re reading. The best readers are flexible―slowing down when needed, especially if weighty concepts or unknown words are grouped closely together―and always have a dictionary at hand。许多读者觉得他们读得太慢了,特别是相对于其他人而言,但是事实上你读得越快,你就越可能不能完全理解你读的内容。最好的读者是灵活多变的――需要时他们就读得慢,特别是当一些繁琐的概念或者是不认识的字都混在一起时,他们往往都读得慢――而且常常会带一本字典在身边。

  If you get to the end of a paragraph and realize you haven’t absorbed any of the information, do not hesitate to re-read the passage. Reading is a lifelong process: learning to read closely and slowly will help you become faster over time without missing anything。如果你快读完一段话了却不知道大概的意思,不要犹豫,再去重新读一遍。阅读是一个终身的过程:尝试着深入且慢速地阅读将会帮助你理解得更快而且不会漏下任何的内容。

  2. Read aloud。大声朗读

  When humans first began reading written words, it was unusual to read in silence. Though generally inappropriate for commuters or for late-night adventurers, reading out loud is one of the best ways to improve your reading ability。当人类第一次阅读书面文字时,默读是不常见的。虽然这不适合上班族或者是夜猫子,但大声朗读确实是提高你阅读能力最好的方法之一。

  You may feel silly reading to your cat (or to no one at all), but once you get into the rhythm of the author’s voice, you will begin to read more accurately and with better vocal expression. Try listening to the author reading their own work―you’ll be surprised to find how clearly it comes through on the page。你可能觉得对着你的猫阅读有点傻(或者是一个人也没有),但是一旦你进入了作者的声音的韵律中去,你将会开始阅读得更加准确,而且会有更好的声音表现力。试着听听作者阅读他们自己的文章――你会惊讶地发现,书上的文字被这样读出来是多么地清晰。

  3. Feel it。感受它

  Can you remember the first piece of writing that transported you to another world? One of the most powerful moments in a young, fluent reader’s life is learning to enter into the lives of imagined heroes and heroines。你还记得你第一次写字的情景吗,那个将你带到了另一个世界的情景。在一个青春洋溢、表达顺畅的读者的生命中,最重要的时刻之一就是学习进入想象中的主角的生活中。

  Subtleties of language and perspective become potent clues to deeper underlying meanings, and are easy to miss for even the most seasoned readers. As you read, let the language inform your pace, give pause to important gestures and dialogue, and allow striking ideas to simmer. In no time, you’ll be appreciating novels like fine wine。语言和视角之间微妙的关系,是具有更深意义内涵的强有力的线索,而且即使对于最有经验的读者来说都是很容易忽视的。当你阅读时,让语言支配你的步调,在重要的手势和对话时停顿,对于那些难理解的想法要给予足够的时间思考。过不了多久,你就会像品赏美酒那样去喜欢小说了。

  4. Write。写作

  Writing and reading go hand-in-hand: how and what you read affects how and what you write, and the best readers often make the best writers. But while much can be learned from close, repeated readings, there are many secretive pleasures to language that can only be experienced through the practice of writing。写作和阅读是相辅相成的:你怎样阅读,阅读什么将会影响你写作的方式和写作的内容,而最好的读者往往会是最好的作者。然而即使我们可以从深入和重复阅读中学到很多东西,但仍然有许多不为人知的快乐是只有你通过写作才能体会到的。

  This is why certain authors are labeled “writer’s writers”; another level of meaning and intense appreciation exists for those who create rather than simply observe. Try writing every day for a month; you will never read the same again。这就是为什么某些作者会被说成“作家的作家”,另一层意思和强烈的欣赏为那些创造而不仅仅是观察的人存在着。试着一个月每一天都写作;你的阅读习惯也再不会跟以前一样。

  5. Tell your friends。讲给朋友

  All of literature is essentially communication from an individual’s inner voice to an audience. Though Franz Kafka’s dying wish was that all of his works―written in obscurity, often late at night, and mostly unpublished―be burned, aren’t we glad his friend, Max Brod, didn’t listen? 文学本质上是从一个人的内心的声音与观众沟通。即使卡夫卡的遗愿是他所有的作品都要被烧毁――他的作品都是在深夜默默写的,而且几乎都是没有发表的――难道我们不应该为他的朋友马克西-布拉德没有听从他的遗愿而高兴吗?

  There is something magical about sharing books with friends or a book club. It’s a good way to see the world from someone else’s eyes and, in the process, critically examine your own reaction to what you’re reading。与自己的朋友或是一个图书俱乐部的人分享书是件很美妙的事情。这是一个很好的方式去了解别人眼中的世界,然后在此过程中,认真地审视自己对所阅读的内容的反应。



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